dimanche 27 février 2011

End of winter ski season!

Looking like basking under spring or even a hazy summer sun,
a pair of the numerous Britannia Boeing 737-200s, separated by a
Monarch BAC-111/500 are ready to depart or load
their passengers back to Gatwick. In the background,
an Austrian DC-9-51 and a Sterling Caravelle 12.

Monarch BAC-111/500 G-AXMG begins taxi, while another
"One Eleven" of Dan Air London and a trio of Britannia Airways
Boeing 737-200 wait for their passengers around the "Satellite 20"

Preparing for an airshow!

Part of Stephen Grey's warbirds collection being prepared
for departure for another airshow, maybe La Ferté-Alais.
From front, the nose of Grumman F8F Bearcat NX700H,
then Grumman F4F Wildcat N47201 and finally, North
American P-51D Mustang N6340T. 

Just sound is missing!!!

Russian types' medley

June 25. 1987

Before operating the Tupolev 154 itself, LOT Polish Airlines leased
a few samples from Aeroflot, including CCCP-85455, painted in
full colours with "Operated by LOT from Aeroflot" titles. On that day,
it was probably flying an extra or charter flight and is seen together
with the regular Tupolev 134A SP-LHG.

Tupolev 134 LZ-TUO of Balkan Bulgarian starting engines,
while Aeroflot TU-154 CCCP-85287 begins taxi to the holding point.
On the right, Hapag-Lloyd Boeing 727-200 D-AHLU
on lease to Tunisair, with appropriate titles.

Tupolev 134 DDR-SCN of Interflug, with Aeroflot TU-154B-2
CCCP-85397 and a Balkan TU-134. Sole western built airliner on
the picture is a British Airways Hawker Siddley Trident 3 on the left.
A conference has been held as a Royal Australian Air Force
Boeing 707-300 and an U.S.A.F C-9 (DC-9-32) were
also spotted on that beautiful sunny day!

Due to engine failure on LOT Tupolev 134 SP-LHD,
a replacement engine was transported on board
Antonov 12 SP-LZB, a very rare visitor at that time!

Renault assembly 31/03/1983

For the presentation of a brand new Renault (I don't remember which model, HELP!),
at least 20 charter flights came from the whole western Europe and were parked at
every corner of the apron!

 Sobelair, Aer Lingus, Monarch and Orion's Boeing 737-200s
respectively OO-SBQ & SBS, EI-ASG, G-DFUB, G-BGTV
and British Caledonian BAC-111/500 G-AZPZ, parked
in front of the main hangar.  

 Air France Boeing 727-200 F-GCDD, with Dan Air London
Boeing 727-100, Aviaco DC-8-63, Hapag-Lloyd Boeing 727-200,
the 5 Boeing 737-200 and BAC-111/500 from the above picture
and in the far background, Condor Boeing 727-200 D-ABTI 
and Minerve SE-210 Caravelle 6R F-BUZC

Martinair Holland Mc Donnell Douglas MD82 PH-MCD,
with Air Charter SE-210 Caravelle 10B and 2 Condor
Boeing 727-200s, whose were later parked in the far
southwest corner of the airport.

In addition: the following were parked on the wide-body apron:
Alitalia Boeing 747-200 I-DEMP and DC-9-32 I-DIKT
Hapag-Lloyd A300 D-AHLC and Martinair Holland
DC-9-32 PH-MAO.

samedi 26 février 2011

Busy holding bay 23!


End afternoon peak time with Herema's Cessna 550
Citation II PH-HES, Swissair DC-9-32 HB-IFR,
SABENA Boeing 737-200 OO-SDK waiting their
turn for departure, while Royal Air Maroc Boeing 737-200
CN-RMJ is cleared to land.

Giants meetings!

First visit of a Lockheed C-5A Galaxy of the U.S.Air Force
(66-8307) for the meeting between U.S. and Russian presidents
Reagan and Gorbatchev. Seen here with Swissair Boeing 747-357
HB-IGD on the old gate 22 and on the second picture, a DC-10-30 taking-off for
another long-haul flight.

First visit of the Boeing 377 SGT Super Guppy (F-BPPA) to load Pierre Fehlmann's
race boat "UBS Switzerland". Parked nearby Iran Air's Boeing 747SP EP-IAC. At
that time, wide-body aircraft were often parked at the "Satellite 20".