samedi 26 novembre 2011

Geneva based calibrator!

Delivered new in February 1968, Grumman G159 Gulfstream 1
HB-LDT was used for calibration duties for almost 30 years,
replacing De Havilland Dove HB-LAS. It is seen here on
September 19. 1985, flying low over Geneva airport to check
its approach instruments. Owned by the Federal Office for
Civil Aviation and carrying appropriate titles, it was operated
later on by Swisscontrol and titles were changed.

August 11. 1984
View of the flight engineer working place, which looked
quiet old with the graphics measure system, now replaced
by computers! The rear of the aircraft was configured with
a few seats, because it has also served as a VIP transporter
at several occasions.

May 9. 1994
The cockpit also looks obsolet comparing to modern

Avril 4. 1997
Spending its last hours on Geneva Apron... HB-LDT still carries
its Swisscontrol title and also its new canadian marks C-FAWE,
preparing for its transatlantic ferry flight to its new base in Quebec for
operation by Propair, with whom it is still current today.

Very uncommon engine run-up!

February 5. 1993
Most probably the most uncommon engine run-up I have
ever seen in my photogrpaher's carrier!!! Right
Rolls Royce Dart 529 was tested on the "hulk"
of Gulfstream 1 I-MGGG. After serving for a few
years by the local Police for antiterrorism exercices,
it was completely broken-up in 2006.

Gulfstream 1s in groups!

Thanks to Gulfstream's maintenance specialist Jet Aviation and
the only two G159 Gulfstream 1s ever registered in Switzerland based
at Geneva,the type was very common to spot in the 70s, 80s and 90s.
Now itis quiet very rare with the last visit (N748AA) going back to
November 28. 2008.

May 21. 1991
A nice trio! From left to right: HB-IRQ of Geneva based Leopair, which
was available for executive charter in a 24 seats configuration. In the middle,
long term stored I-TASO, one of four operated by Milano based Tas Airways
and right, N717RA of Roxane Music, the personal aircraft of UK singer Sting.

March 5. 1991
Another trio, once again I-TASO & HB-IRQ, completed by
G-BRAL of Ford Motors UK, who operated 2 of the type.

Now a few duos:

March 11. 1993
Air Provence International F-GFGV is standing by for its
passengers during the annual International Motorshow, when
Geneva based HB-LDT is taxiing back to its hangar, after
another calibration flight.

November 22. 1988
Roma-Urbe based Mistralair operated two G1s, including
I-MGGG (left). This aircraft was also a long term resident
at Geneva, ending its days as a Police trainer until around 2006,
before being broken-up. On the right, F-GFEF of Air Provence
International, which used five of the type at that time, with the fleet
growing to nine during the three next years!

March 23. 1995
On the left, former Tas Airways I-TASC, now wearing the
colours of Cuneo based Sunline in company of "old"
sistership I-TASO. Both departed Geneva during 1997
& 1998 for a new life in Kenya.

December 12. 1993
Two shots of short lived Sunline's G1s I-MKKK & I-TASC, taken
during a clear and beautiful sunny day. Both were sold in Kenya, before
ending their days in Venezuela.

I take profit of this message to recommand a visit to this
very interesting and complete website about the G1:

dimanche 6 novembre 2011

Telecom 1991!

As 2011's edition of Telecom closed its doors several days ago, bringing
neither charters nor bizjets, it was totaly different 20 years ago! Below is
a mix of pictures showing the crowded "60s" parking positions, whose were
densified to receive all the visitors, mostly coming from France, Belgium,
the Netherlands and Danemark. Pictures were taken on October 8-9-10. 1991.

TEA (Trans European Airways) was a Belgian carrier, operating Boeing 737-200, 300
and 400s, but also the very first Airbus A300B1 OO-TEF. It had several sister
companies in other countries including France, Italy, UK and Switzerland,
with the later being taken over by easyjet to become the actual
easyjet Switzerland. From its side, Marseilles based Air Provence International
was the largest european operator of the Grumman G159 Gulfstream 1,
operating 9 of that type!

Nantes Atlantique's based Stellair was using these 2 colourful
Fairchild F-27J F-GDXT and F-GEXZ and former TAT'S
Fokker 28 F-GIAI, which was painted in the same livery.

From left to right: TEA's Boeing 737-3M8 OO-LTJ, Transavia's
Boeing 737-3K2 PH-HVG, Air Provence International's
Gulfstream 1s F-GFGU & F-GFGV and Europe Aero Services's
Boeing 737-2A1 F-GHXK, with both Stellair's F-27J in the rear.
From all these carriers, only Transavia survives today...

On the second day, in addition to both Stellair and Air Provence's
machines, Flanders Airlines's Fokker F-27-100 OO-SVL, with
additional "Canon" stickers, SABENA's sister company Sobelair
Boeing 737-229 OO-SBQ and Air Jet's Fokker F-27-600 F-GFJS.

On the third day, Maersk Air's Fokker 50s OY-MMH & MMS from
Danemark and Air Belgium's Boeing 737-4Q8 OO-ILH and 429 OO-ILJ,
representing the 2/3 of the small carrier's fleet, the third member being
Boeing 757-23A OO-ILI, completed all these not so usual Telecom visitors.