lundi 6 juin 2011

Regular and irregular props!

May 11. 1990

At that time, small parcels cargo flights were mainly operated
by first generation turboprop cargo aircraft. From front:
WDL Fokker F-27-100 D-BAKO (the 6th of the type built),
flew for TNT, Federal Express F-27-600 HB-ISJ for themselves
and an unidentified European Air Transport Convair 580, flying for DHL.

July 17. 1989

Belgian cargoliners Convair 580 OO-DHF of DHL and
multicoloured Fokker F-27-100 OO-SVM of Servisair...

October 23. 1989

... and the same F-27, this time with European Air Transport
Convair 580 OO-VGH, the sole painted in EAT full livery
and also the only one which kept its passengers windows.

March 6. 1990

Despite pictured more than 20 years ago, the sight of an
Antonov 12 at Geneva was quiet more rare than on present
days! LZ-BAF of Balkan Cargo has operated some Red
Cross flights during the 90s and is seen here parked together
with two DHL Convair 580s.

March 13. 1990

Realy more impressive than the C130 or Antonov 12,
the Short Belfast was built for the Royal Air Force's
53rd Transport Squadron and first flew on January 5. 1964.
Only 10 were built and after retirement from the RAF in
1975, five knew civil use with UK cargo operator Trans
Meridian Air Cargo (TAC), becoming Heavylift Cargo
later on. Only three were used (G-BEPS, G-BFYU & G-HLFT),
the two other served as spares. All three have visited Geneva
between 1990 and 1993. In the background, both Classic Air DC-3s
HB-ISB & ISC, during their "Golden Years", bringing visitors to
the annual Motorshow.

February 15. 1991

Rare visit of Romavia's Antonov AN-24V YR-AMR,
seen here with more frequent Saudia Special Flight's
Lockheed C130H Hercules HZ-116.