vendredi 22 avril 2011

Rare & frequent Scandinavian charters!

September 19. 1985

If Maersk Air's Boeing 737-200s were quiet frequent visitors
in winters (OY-MBZ shown here), ScanBee's Convair 580 SE-IEY
has only made a couple of visits at Geneva, with the first one during March 1984. 

Dassault Falcon trijets with only 1 owner!

July 9. 1987

This view depicts well the main differences of cabin size and windows 
between the Dassault Falcon 900 (left) and its predecessor,
the Falcon 50 (right). At that time, Falcon 900 N900FJ (C/N 31) was
the demonstrator aircraft in the U.S.A during 1 year.
Only one common point between these 2 airframes, both have been operated
by only one owner since new. The Falcon 900 was registered N910JW
to S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. in 1988 and Falcon 50 CN-ANO
was delivered to the Morocco Government 31 years ago and both
are still in use today!

dimanche 17 avril 2011

Twin Commuters!

July 1st. 1984

Founded in 1975 by Moritz Sutter, Crossair operated a
dozen Swearingen SA227 Metroliners II & III. HB-LLF,
a III model, is seen here begining taxi for another
commuter flight. At that time, Crossair knew some delay
with the delivery of its brand new SAAB 340As and had
to lease Fokker F-27 D-BAKU from german carrier WDL
and Fairchild FH-227 OO-DTA from belgian company
Delta Air Transport, seen here on the left.
In the background, privately owned DC-9-14 HB-IAA
and an EL-AL Boeing 767-258ER.

March 4. 1986

Crossair Swearingen SA-227AT Metro III HB-LLF again, this time
wearing the "new livery" of that time, with freshly delivered SAAB 340A
HB-AHI. The later replaced the first, with a few of  the Metroliners
transferred to small freight company CPS.

May 22. 1987

Operating a short time scheduled flight between Berlin and Geneva,
Berlin Regional was flying a small fleet of 2 UK registered BAe Jetstream 31s
including G-BRGN, seen here together with Crossair SAAB 340A HB-AHF

September 6. 1986

The sole ever Dornier 228 operated in Switzerland was this Sunshine
Aviation sample, based at Lugano. Still registered D-IAHG on this picture,
it appeared a few months later on the swiss register as HB-LPC. In the
background, Transair's CASA 212 Aviocar HB-LMH, one of two
operated by the company.

jeudi 14 avril 2011

Unusual duets (bis)!

April 4 1986

Except of the Mauritanian Air Force samples, whose were performing
maintenance check by Transair, the Short SC-7 Skyvan was quiet a rare
visitor here and more in such livery! Pink Aviation's OE-FDL, based at Hohenems
airfield adorned several flashy liveries and was mostly used for paradropping duty. It
was lost in an accident just after take-off from its homebase in June 1995.
In the background, one of a pair of CASA 212 Aviocar operated by Geneva based
Transair, EL-AJF (ex HB-LNG) after returning from lease to Air Liberia. Both
Aviocars were later sold to Angola.

December 7. 1987

U.S.Air Force Military Airlift Command (MAC) used a large number
of Lockheed C-141B Starlifter, the stretched model of the original C-141A.
They were replaced from the mid-nineties by the Mc Donnell Douglas (now Boeing)
C-17 Globemaster III. On the right, 1944 built's Douglas DC-3C N64784 was based
in Switzerland for a few years from 1986 and is still privately owned in California today.

Big Swiss business jets!

August 31. 1986

On the left, the first large cabin aircraft in Petrolair's fleet was Boeing 737-2V6
HB-IEH. This private Geneva based company was later renamed
Privatair and is still in operation today. This Boeing 737 is still privately
used in the United States as N787WH. On the right, Mc Donnell Douglas
DC-9-14 HB-IEF, one of two operated by also Geneva based Aeroleasing (later
integrated in the TAG Aviation Group). It was the 15th DC-9 built and rolled-out of
the manufactory in 1966, delivered to Delta Airlines. It ended its carrier 40 years
later with mexican carrier Aerocalifornia.