jeudi 5 mai 2011

Air Force One!

October 1st 1985

Being "Air Force One" from 1962 for President John F. Kennedy and
for seven further Presidents, Boeing VC-137C 62-6000 became the back-up
aircraft for sistership 72-7000, which became "Air Force One" in 1972.
On this occasion, it came for advanced preparation for President Reagan's visit
a few weeks later. It was retired in 1998 and is preserved at the Dayton
Museum, Ohio

November 18. 1985

President Ronald Reagan is just arrived on board Boeing VC-137C 72-7000 
for its three days visit to meet his Russian counterpart Mickhail Gorbatshev.
It served the presidential fleet for almost 30 years until retirement on August 29. 2001 
and is now displayed at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Museum
at Simi Valley, California.

November 18. 1985

72-7000 (right) together with sistership 62-6000 (left)

November 21. 1985

"Air Force One" leaving gate 44 at the end of Ronald Reagan's visit,
with back-up sistership "SAM 26000" preparing to start. Press people
and security are visible on the left and on the roof of the building.

November 18. 1985

While "SAM2600" started,  Lockheed C-5A Galaxy 70-0467
just landed to pick-up material and presidential limousines.

January 16. 1994

Two Boeing VC-25A replaced the old VC-137C at the end
of 1990 and payed their first visit to Geneva on November 23
of that same year with President Georges W. Bush (father).  His successor
Bill Clinton came on January 16. 1994. 92-9000 is pictured in front
of the 1984 built control tower (left) and its 1949 built predecessor (right).

November 16. 1994

92-9000 with sistership 82-8000. Both are configured with the
same equipments and both can serve as "Air Force One".

November 16. 1994

Rainy night departure of President Clinton, with press and
television filming the event.

May 18. 1998

Second visit of Bill Clinton on a very sunny late afternoon on
board of 82-8000. On that occasion, the back-up aircraft was
VC-137C 72-7000...

...and his third visit on June 16. 1999 on board 92-9000.