dimanche 25 décembre 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

December 10. 1995

Finnair chartered this specialy decorated Mc Donnell Douglas MD82
OH-LMN for Father Christmas, seen here upon arrival with his Elfs
in traditional clothes and polar dogs.


dimanche 4 décembre 2011

U.S. Duets!

February 1992, Olympic Winter Games in Albertville, France.
Adding to the regular United Airlines Boeing 727-222 N7646U,
rare visitor Boeing 747-122 N4727U brought US teams for
the games on the 16th...

... and they went back home 8 days later on board Boeing 767-322(ER)
N642UA, seen here with the tail of Delta Air Lines Airbus A310-222

December 12.1992
Very rare visit of American Airlines DC-10-30 N137AA,
which came on a weather diversion, seen here with the
regular Boeing 727-222 N7646U of United Airlines.

January 15. 1994
While an unidentified TWA Boeing 767-231ER vacates
runway 23, freshly repainted Boeing 727-222 N7256U
in the newly adopted livery taxies to its allocated stand.
United started to serve Geneva in February 1992.

September 25. 1993
Charter carrier American Trans Air operated at least 4 flights
during that month with its Lockheed L-1011 Tristar 50 and
Boeing 757-212ER, with N191AT and N750AT seen here
parked together on the wide-body's apron.

samedi 26 novembre 2011

Geneva based calibrator!

Delivered new in February 1968, Grumman G159 Gulfstream 1
HB-LDT was used for calibration duties for almost 30 years,
replacing De Havilland Dove HB-LAS. It is seen here on
September 19. 1985, flying low over Geneva airport to check
its approach instruments. Owned by the Federal Office for
Civil Aviation and carrying appropriate titles, it was operated
later on by Swisscontrol and titles were changed.

August 11. 1984
View of the flight engineer working place, which looked
quiet old with the graphics measure system, now replaced
by computers! The rear of the aircraft was configured with
a few seats, because it has also served as a VIP transporter
at several occasions.

May 9. 1994
The cockpit also looks obsolet comparing to modern

Avril 4. 1997
Spending its last hours on Geneva Apron... HB-LDT still carries
its Swisscontrol title and also its new canadian marks C-FAWE,
preparing for its transatlantic ferry flight to its new base in Quebec for
operation by Propair, with whom it is still current today.

Very uncommon engine run-up!

February 5. 1993
Most probably the most uncommon engine run-up I have
ever seen in my photogrpaher's carrier!!! Right
Rolls Royce Dart 529 was tested on the "hulk"
of Gulfstream 1 I-MGGG. After serving for a few
years by the local Police for antiterrorism exercices,
it was completely broken-up in 2006.

Gulfstream 1s in groups!

Thanks to Gulfstream's maintenance specialist Jet Aviation and
the only two G159 Gulfstream 1s ever registered in Switzerland based
at Geneva,the type was very common to spot in the 70s, 80s and 90s.
Now itis quiet very rare with the last visit (N748AA) going back to
November 28. 2008.

May 21. 1991
A nice trio! From left to right: HB-IRQ of Geneva based Leopair, which
was available for executive charter in a 24 seats configuration. In the middle,
long term stored I-TASO, one of four operated by Milano based Tas Airways
and right, N717RA of Roxane Music, the personal aircraft of UK singer Sting.

March 5. 1991
Another trio, once again I-TASO & HB-IRQ, completed by
G-BRAL of Ford Motors UK, who operated 2 of the type.

Now a few duos:

March 11. 1993
Air Provence International F-GFGV is standing by for its
passengers during the annual International Motorshow, when
Geneva based HB-LDT is taxiing back to its hangar, after
another calibration flight.

November 22. 1988
Roma-Urbe based Mistralair operated two G1s, including
I-MGGG (left). This aircraft was also a long term resident
at Geneva, ending its days as a Police trainer until around 2006,
before being broken-up. On the right, F-GFEF of Air Provence
International, which used five of the type at that time, with the fleet
growing to nine during the three next years!

March 23. 1995
On the left, former Tas Airways I-TASC, now wearing the
colours of Cuneo based Sunline in company of "old"
sistership I-TASO. Both departed Geneva during 1997
& 1998 for a new life in Kenya.

December 12. 1993
Two shots of short lived Sunline's G1s I-MKKK & I-TASC, taken
during a clear and beautiful sunny day. Both were sold in Kenya, before
ending their days in Venezuela.

I take profit of this message to recommand a visit to this
very interesting and complete website about the G1:

dimanche 6 novembre 2011

Telecom 1991!

As 2011's edition of Telecom closed its doors several days ago, bringing
neither charters nor bizjets, it was totaly different 20 years ago! Below is
a mix of pictures showing the crowded "60s" parking positions, whose were
densified to receive all the visitors, mostly coming from France, Belgium,
the Netherlands and Danemark. Pictures were taken on October 8-9-10. 1991.

TEA (Trans European Airways) was a Belgian carrier, operating Boeing 737-200, 300
and 400s, but also the very first Airbus A300B1 OO-TEF. It had several sister
companies in other countries including France, Italy, UK and Switzerland,
with the later being taken over by easyjet to become the actual
easyjet Switzerland. From its side, Marseilles based Air Provence International
was the largest european operator of the Grumman G159 Gulfstream 1,
operating 9 of that type!

Nantes Atlantique's based Stellair was using these 2 colourful
Fairchild F-27J F-GDXT and F-GEXZ and former TAT'S
Fokker 28 F-GIAI, which was painted in the same livery.

From left to right: TEA's Boeing 737-3M8 OO-LTJ, Transavia's
Boeing 737-3K2 PH-HVG, Air Provence International's
Gulfstream 1s F-GFGU & F-GFGV and Europe Aero Services's
Boeing 737-2A1 F-GHXK, with both Stellair's F-27J in the rear.
From all these carriers, only Transavia survives today...

On the second day, in addition to both Stellair and Air Provence's
machines, Flanders Airlines's Fokker F-27-100 OO-SVL, with
additional "Canon" stickers, SABENA's sister company Sobelair
Boeing 737-229 OO-SBQ and Air Jet's Fokker F-27-600 F-GFJS.

On the third day, Maersk Air's Fokker 50s OY-MMH & MMS from
Danemark and Air Belgium's Boeing 737-4Q8 OO-ILH and 429 OO-ILJ,
representing the 2/3 of the small carrier's fleet, the third member being
Boeing 757-23A OO-ILI, completed all these not so usual Telecom visitors.

mercredi 24 août 2011

Bizjets in groups!

June 13. 1981

At that time, a rare ramp access opportunity for me! During
that year, Swissair was celebrating its 50th anniversary and
a small display was exhibited on the South-West corner of
the apron, also permitting to shoot the nearby parked bizjets.
From right to left: Lockheed Jetstar 6 N5UD of U. Dantata,
Nigeria, just before being sold, Gulfstream 2s HZ-AFH
of Saudia Special Flight,N700PM of Philip Morris
and N7000G of Ash Air Inc.

September 24. 1983

This shot well shows the size difference between the Cessna
Citation 500 (right) and 550 (left). PH-HET was operated by
Nederlands company Heerema Engineering, The Hague, a faithfull
customer for the 550 model as they are still using one today, the
more recently built "Bravo" model PH-HMA.
Citation 500 HB-VHI was operated by Stauffer Chemical
Europe, which had its head office at Geneva until 1998.

August 21. 1984

Founded in 1977, Gestair is the oldest executive airline in Spain
and still operates today. Begins were modest and the entire
fleet used at that time can be seen on this picture, comprising
Learjet 55 EC-DSI and Learjet 35A EC-DEB "Virgen de Lluch".

December 20. 1985

Already seen on another post on this blog, Geosurvey's Canadair
Challenger 600 N55PG is seen here in company of Fayair's Grumman
Gulfstream 3 G-XMAF. Owner is Harrod's head Mohamed Al-Fayed,
who flew in almost all Gulfstream's models, using G550 M-MOMO
in a similar red livery today.

March 16. 1986

Spotting 3 executive BAC-111s was not so unusual in the
mid-eighties! Most of them were second hand aircraft
outfitted with luxury interiors and knew success with
Arabian Golf customers. From left to right: HZ-MAJ,
HZ-HR1 and N500CS. Note the State of Qatar's
Boeing 707-3P1C A7-AAA in the background.
On the left foreground, the tail of Noranda Mines'
Gulfstream 2B and behind, Noga Hilton's
Gulfstream 2TT N18RN, which was based at Geneva.

March 5. 1986

During the annual Motorshow, the parking positions on
the North General Aviation Center had to be densified
to welcome all the executive visitors! At present days,
this kind of densification is done on the South Apron
only, using large airliners positions whose are divided
in three or five, depending of the bizjets size.

December 7. 1987

Parked in size order! From left to right, Oxford based
Solid State Logic Ltd's Cessna 500 G-BEIZ, Olympic
Maritime's Dassault Falcon 50 VR-BHX, which was
used by Onassis family and Gatair's Falcon 900
HB-IAK, which was home-based here.

lundi 22 août 2011

Swiss duets!

July 18. 1990

Privatair's flagships of the early 90s. On the left, Boeing 757-23A HB-IEE
was delivered just a few months earlier and is still in service today. It has been
repainted in two different liveries since this photo was taken! On the right,
Boeing 737-2V6 HB-IEH (see below for further details).

September 18. 1989

Two Geneva based competitors! On the left, Air City's Aerospatiale
SE-210 Caravelle 10B3 HB-ICJ, one of two operated by the carrier
(the other was HB-IKD) in their old livery and HB-IUD,
one of four MD87s used by CTA, Compagnie de Transport Aérien.
Air City remainded independent and changed its name to Aero Jet in 1993
and only HB-ICJ was kept in the fleet, until Aero Jet's demise in 1996.
Opposite, CTA was included as a member of Swissair (hence the titles)
and later merged with Balair and became Balaircta.

March 10. 1989

Classic Air's two Douglas DC-3s HB-ISB & ISC were
common visitors, bringing cars fans to the annual Motorshow,
which held during the first and second week of March. 
HB-ISC was fitted with large panoramic windows and is seen
here with colourful Lugano based Sunshine Aviation's
Fokker 27-200 HB-ISH

August 31. 1986

On the left, the first large cabin aircraft in Petrolair's fleet was Boeing 737-2V6
HB-IEH. This private Geneva based company was later renamed
Privatair and is still in operation today. This Boeing 737 is still privately
used in the United States as N787WH. On the right, Mc Donnell Douglas
DC-9-14 HB-IEF, one of two operated by also Geneva based Aeroleasing (later
integrated in the TAG Aviation Group). It was the 15th DC-9 built and rolled-out of
the manufactory in 1966, delivered to Delta Airlines. It ended its carrier 40 years
later with mexican carrier Aerocalifornia.

lundi 6 juin 2011

Regular and irregular props!

May 11. 1990

At that time, small parcels cargo flights were mainly operated
by first generation turboprop cargo aircraft. From front:
WDL Fokker F-27-100 D-BAKO (the 6th of the type built),
flew for TNT, Federal Express F-27-600 HB-ISJ for themselves
and an unidentified European Air Transport Convair 580, flying for DHL.

July 17. 1989

Belgian cargoliners Convair 580 OO-DHF of DHL and
multicoloured Fokker F-27-100 OO-SVM of Servisair...

October 23. 1989

... and the same F-27, this time with European Air Transport
Convair 580 OO-VGH, the sole painted in EAT full livery
and also the only one which kept its passengers windows.

March 6. 1990

Despite pictured more than 20 years ago, the sight of an
Antonov 12 at Geneva was quiet more rare than on present
days! LZ-BAF of Balkan Cargo has operated some Red
Cross flights during the 90s and is seen here parked together
with two DHL Convair 580s.

March 13. 1990

Realy more impressive than the C130 or Antonov 12,
the Short Belfast was built for the Royal Air Force's
53rd Transport Squadron and first flew on January 5. 1964.
Only 10 were built and after retirement from the RAF in
1975, five knew civil use with UK cargo operator Trans
Meridian Air Cargo (TAC), becoming Heavylift Cargo
later on. Only three were used (G-BEPS, G-BFYU & G-HLFT),
the two other served as spares. All three have visited Geneva
between 1990 and 1993. In the background, both Classic Air DC-3s
HB-ISB & ISC, during their "Golden Years", bringing visitors to
the annual Motorshow.

February 15. 1991

Rare visit of Romavia's Antonov AN-24V YR-AMR,
seen here with more frequent Saudia Special Flight's
Lockheed C130H Hercules HZ-116.

jeudi 5 mai 2011

Air Force One!

October 1st 1985

Being "Air Force One" from 1962 for President John F. Kennedy and
for seven further Presidents, Boeing VC-137C 62-6000 became the back-up
aircraft for sistership 72-7000, which became "Air Force One" in 1972.
On this occasion, it came for advanced preparation for President Reagan's visit
a few weeks later. It was retired in 1998 and is preserved at the Dayton
Museum, Ohio

November 18. 1985

President Ronald Reagan is just arrived on board Boeing VC-137C 72-7000 
for its three days visit to meet his Russian counterpart Mickhail Gorbatshev.
It served the presidential fleet for almost 30 years until retirement on August 29. 2001 
and is now displayed at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Museum
at Simi Valley, California.

November 18. 1985

72-7000 (right) together with sistership 62-6000 (left)

November 21. 1985

"Air Force One" leaving gate 44 at the end of Ronald Reagan's visit,
with back-up sistership "SAM 26000" preparing to start. Press people
and security are visible on the left and on the roof of the building.

November 18. 1985

While "SAM2600" started,  Lockheed C-5A Galaxy 70-0467
just landed to pick-up material and presidential limousines.

January 16. 1994

Two Boeing VC-25A replaced the old VC-137C at the end
of 1990 and payed their first visit to Geneva on November 23
of that same year with President Georges W. Bush (father).  His successor
Bill Clinton came on January 16. 1994. 92-9000 is pictured in front
of the 1984 built control tower (left) and its 1949 built predecessor (right).

November 16. 1994

92-9000 with sistership 82-8000. Both are configured with the
same equipments and both can serve as "Air Force One".

November 16. 1994

Rainy night departure of President Clinton, with press and
television filming the event.

May 18. 1998

Second visit of Bill Clinton on a very sunny late afternoon on
board of 82-8000. On that occasion, the back-up aircraft was
VC-137C 72-7000...

...and his third visit on June 16. 1999 on board 92-9000.