lundi 2 avril 2012

Geneva "Air Force Base"!

August 8. 1990
In the heighties and nineties years, Geneva Airport often welcomed military
aircrafts displayed during neighbouring Summer airshows.
The World Aerobatics Championships held at nearby Yverdon airfield ended with
an airshow, with the highlight being the display of two MiG 29s showing the famous "Cobra"
figure. The accompanying team traveled on board Aeroflot's Ilyushin 76 CCCP-76497
seen here together with Mig 29 "304 Blue". It was the first and only visit of the type
ever in Switzerland.

August 12. 1990

The same airshow also received another type rarely seen in Switzerland,
the Fairchild A10 Thunderbolt, with a pair based at Geneva. 80-168 is seen here nose
to nose with Swissair's Mc Donnell Douglas MD81 HB-INK being towed
from the maintenance hangar for its next passengers flight.

June 13. 1991

Military exercices for the Swiss Air Force occures generaly one or
two times per year at Geneva, training pilots for diversion on civil
airports. From left to right: Northrop F5F Tiger II J-3067, Hawker Hawk
U-1262, which stayed for only a handfull of years as the jet trainer and
light transporter Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter V-632, with the usual
Fedex Fokker 27-600 OO-FEG in the background.

January 13. 1994

In preparation for the summit between U.S. President Bill Clinton
and his Syrian counterpart Hafez el-Assad, Swiss Air Force's AS-332L
Super Pumas, including T-321, were operating flight for the Police, while
U.S.Air Force's Lockheed C-5B Galaxies, including 86-0015, 
brought limousines, helicopters, troups and other necessary materials
to insure the U.S. delegation's comfort and security. 

April 15 and 20. 1984

U.S. Navy's Convair C-131F "Samaritan" 141001 has made two rare visits
to Geneva in the space of 5 days. This 1955 built sample was based at Sigonella,
Italy, hence the title of the tail. The C-131F was the military model of the civil 340
and was the very last piston engined Convair model to visit the airport.

September 1st 1993

Another very rare U.S.Navy visitor here was Lockheed VP-3A Orion
150511, seen here together with Mc Donnell Douglas C-9A Nightingale
71-0876 during a beautiful clear day!