mercredi 2 mai 2012

Summit of the Last Chance!

January 15 & 16. 1994

Numerous conferences have been held since several decades with
the hope that the Middle East conflicts between Israël, Syria and
Lebanon will cease... As of today, little only has been resolved but
tensions are still tangibles and would probably never end...

One of this meeting saw U.S. president Bill Clinton encountering his
Syrian counterpart Hafez El-Assad, bringing a lot of interesting aircrafts 
on Geneva Airport's apron, including both U.S. presidency's 
Boeing 747 VC-25A, with several Lockheed C-5B Galaxies. On
the Syrian side, president Assad arrived on board Boeing 747SP
YK-AHA, with Tupolev 154M YC-AIC as back-up aircraft. 

U.S. President Bill Clinton and wife Hillary disembarking 
from "Air Force One"

The U.S. press, always accompanying the president during his visits,
travelled on board Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-227B N635US,
probably the sole visit of this carrier at Geneva. The french press came
with the Air France Airbus A300B4 seen in the background, while
the regular TWA Boeing 767-200 and Swissair A310 complete the line-up.

November 24. 1990

Another meeting occured 4 years earlier. Material and cars
arrived by cargo aircraft, once again with Galaxies for the U.S.A.
and Ilyushin 76TD YK-ATD of Syrianair Cargo on the other side...

...then with Syrianair Boeing 747SP YK-AHA during
a powerfull take-off which surprised me so much, as I expected a lower 
pass over the IL-76 for this picture!

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