samedi 26 novembre 2011

Geneva based calibrator!

Delivered new in February 1968, Grumman G159 Gulfstream 1
HB-LDT was used for calibration duties for almost 30 years,
replacing De Havilland Dove HB-LAS. It is seen here on
September 19. 1985, flying low over Geneva airport to check
its approach instruments. Owned by the Federal Office for
Civil Aviation and carrying appropriate titles, it was operated
later on by Swisscontrol and titles were changed.

August 11. 1984
View of the flight engineer working place, which looked
quiet old with the graphics measure system, now replaced
by computers! The rear of the aircraft was configured with
a few seats, because it has also served as a VIP transporter
at several occasions.

May 9. 1994
The cockpit also looks obsolet comparing to modern

Avril 4. 1997
Spending its last hours on Geneva Apron... HB-LDT still carries
its Swisscontrol title and also its new canadian marks C-FAWE,
preparing for its transatlantic ferry flight to its new base in Quebec for
operation by Propair, with whom it is still current today.

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